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This is going to allows you to also have ZERO limits if you decide that you’d like to flip one of your sites for a BIG payday. Nearly EVERY Premium plugin out there will NOT let your license key be transferred to a new owner once ownership changes. This really sucks because deactivating a plugin as VITAL as SaiyBot, pretty much turns a site WORTHLESS. 

Seriously - with ONE click, you’d be disabling ALL content creation and image creation on this site, which is one of the MOST valueable parts of a sites VALUE when you’re selling. 

With our Resellers License, you do NOT have to worry about that being an issue. You can freely sell your sites for a HUGE profit and know you can keep its value by ensuring SaiyBot goes with the sale. 

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$997 Value

This option ALONE is going to allow you to REALLY take things to the next level. With our regular license, you got access to a certain amount of creation, and posting.

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This is truly UNHEARD of in the Premium Plugin space. As you saw from many of our competitors, they put a cap on the amount of time that you get free updates for and some of them even put a cap on how long you have access to support. And for good reason. It is VERY expensive to just give out free updates to plugins when you’re only charging a small one-time payment. 

However, with SaiyBot, you will NOT run into those issues. Today, you’ll be locking in UNLIMITED Feature Updates FOREVER and you will NEVER have to pay extra for support! Our team is here with you and for you. And if you ever purchased any of my products, you know that we release A TON of updates! SaiyBot will be NO different. 

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BONUS: Resellers License so You Can Flip Sites WITH SaiyBot Installed! 
BONUS: Unlimited Feature Updates - FOREVER!

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